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Hey Squad! There are so many ways you can contact me from email to social media.

For any PR/Collab inquiries you can email me at Also email me if you want to send article suggestions or ask a question. For the Ask Your Good Sis category, you can also fill out this anonymous Google form to get my advice on any situation. Don’t forget to sign up the newsletter too! Each Sunday, I use that to send out any and every update you need to know.

 On Instagram you can direct message me at @tipsfromyourgoodsis and @fromyourgoodsis on Twitter. I post each article on Facebook as well and you can contact me there too.

You can also use my podcast pages to contact me and the email Direct message me at @beautybrainsandbaggage on Instagram. Also feel free to suggest podcast episodes you would like to see or ask for advice through that platform as well.

I made this blog for all of us and I definitely want to help in any way that I can, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions, you want advice, causes or current events you think I should post about, or any suggestions for articles you would like to see. I’m always here to give you all support in any way that I can. Thank you for being a part of my family and I’m so excited to have you all become a part of mine!


                                                                              Your good sis, Solange❤️

                                                                              Contact Your Good Sis, Solange, From Tips From Your Good Sis