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From the posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to the latest blog posts to the newest podcast episodes, you need a way to stay updated on all the content from your good sis. The Tips From Your Good Sis Newsletter never lets you miss an update! You will never miss any content that I put out if you subscribe. Be the first to know about giveaways, exclusive behind the scenes podcast content, and so much more. Every Sunday, The Tips From Your Good Sis Newsletter will hit your inbox. This newsletter keeps you updated on all the information you need to know to survive and thrive. Click on the image to sign up for our newsletter subscription!

I post new articles every Wednesday and Saturday and release new podcast episodes every Friday. Sometimes I release an extra podcast episode on Wednesday if I’m extra talkative that week. Every day I post daily polls, website updates, latest articles or funny memes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. When you complete the newsletter subscription, after a content packed week, Sundays every update will get sent to your email.

I love making this newsletter every week for you all. I make sure I include any information I know will help you in the upcoming week. Whether I give you tips for traveling by plane during a pandemic or links to free therapy resources. I include anything I think will help and uplift you all. I want to create an honest and authentic online community of people dedicated to seeing each other thrive. This newsletter takes me a little closer to that goal. Each Sunday, think of it like receiving a letter from a friend with funny updates, helpful tips and a whole bunch of love.

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