Hi Friends! Your Good sis presents: Beauty, Brains and Baggage, a podcast where I chop it up by myself, my friends or any number of experts unpacking topics like relationships (duh! lol), mental health, growing pains, career goals and so much more! This is an authentic and raw podcast where nothing is off the table.

So far, I’ve done episodes Unpacking: The Angry Black Woman, Being Black Abroad, Sex and Sexuality and Entanglements. I’m so excited to continue talking about topics that matter to me and to us as a generation. My favorite part of this podcast is being able to just authentically express myself and my thoughts. I hope this is a podcast that feels like a kickback. Somewhere you can just pull up and feel like you’re listening to your friend over FaceTime. There’ll be a lot of laughs, hard truths and new perspectives discovered and I hope you’ll be along for the ride. Follow the podcast on Spotify so you can be notified of all the latest episodes and subscribe to our newsletter to get any updates or exclusive Behind the Scenes info.

Stay tuned and feel free to email me at beautybrainsandbaggage@gmail.com for any inquiries or episode suggestions. New episodes, weekly every (Wednesday and) Friday on Spotify and Apple music. Click on the image to listen to the latest episode!

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