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15 Fitness Influencers You Should be Following on Instagram

Finding fitness influencers who motivate you are an important part of someone’s health and wellness journey. Here is a list of influencers who can provide you with the inspiration you need to get to the next level.

Quarantine is the best time to take advantage of all the home workout videos social media has to offer. There are definitely hundreds of wonderful fitness influencers you could follow. Here is a list with all of my favorite ones.

These accounts are body positive, have the best workout routines and cultivate communities of people aimed at achieving holistic well-being. Health is more than monitoring your weight on a scale. It’s about feeling as good as you do on the inside as you look on the outside.

(Click on the images to be directed to their Instagrams!)

1. Bria Nicole Fit


She has the BEST arm workout videos and I’m dying to get my hands on a pair of her fitness bands. Her workout videos definitely give me the biggest sweat every time.

2. Quianna Camper


She has wonderful workouts for literally every part of your body. Ideal for people trying to tone and add muscle.

3. Nekisha Taneil


The bikini body of your dreams is just a month away with her killer workout programs. She makes working out from home so fun and effective.

4. Maddie Lymburner


This is my go to HIIT Instagram account. If you’re trying to ease back into exercising, I definitely recommend her account. It’s very accessible and has workouts ranging in intensity for all fitness enthuasiasts.

5. Krystle Fit


This is such a body positive account. I love watching her fitness journey and reading the explanations under her posts.

6. Toni Mitchell


Her username is toning toni for a reason. If you’re looking to trim some fat, build strength and tone your body, she’s your gal!

7. Booty King


Like it says in his name, booty gains are his domain. I love his videos! His clients are mainly women too. He just wants us to reach our booty goals and thrive.

8. Asia East


She gives me the best weight lifting ideas. She is definitely leg and arm goals for me too.

9. Genesis Roberts


Known for her #700ab challenge, this gal is hardcore. She inspires me to work even harder to reach my goals.

10. Jaimmy Koroma


She is incredibly body positive! Her goal with exercising is to feel good from the inside out and I love her for that.

11. Bret Contreras


Like Booty King, he knows everything there is to know about building a booty. And he has a Ph.D.

12. Tildawn


She is a living testament to the dogma that you only look as old as you feel. This mom is fifty and fit. When I’m older, I aim to be like her.

13. Ashley Nicole


This girl is definitely my body goals. Her posts are so effective and I never get bored with them.

14. Tiana Joelle


Her exercise regimes are intense but worth it. She also has fun ways to incorporate household products to achieve all your fitness goals. All you need to build a booty are two jugs of water and a broomstick.

15. Mussbefitt

And she’s Caribbean! (Like me😊)

She has the cutest personality and I absolutely adore her YouTube channel. I’m also very biased because she is Caribbean so that automatically makes her one of my favorite fitness influencers.

These fitness influencers have helped my health and wellness journey so much with their fun and dynamic exercise circuits and tips on diet and nutrition. I hope their posts and videos can help you too!

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